Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I sign up?

Please send a message through our contact page and someone will help you start the process.

What are your approval requirements?

Customers enter their information in Comergence, which is reviewed by our lending team.

What are your overlays?

Follow agency guidelines. The only overlay we require are ratios exceeding 52.99%.

What is your maximum compensation?

Our maximum compensation is 2.75%.

Who are your approved appraisal management companies (AMC’s)?

Contact for this information.

Who prepares the lender estimate?

If you’re a broker, Open Mortgage prepares this. If you’re a correspondent, you will prepare this.

Do you allow manufactured homes?

Yes, we allow double-wide manufactured homes that meet agency guidelines.

Do you require a clear-to-close (CTC) prior to issuing the closing disclosure (CD)?

Yes, we require this.